2015 Highlights.

2015 has truly been one of the best years of my life. It’s been fast and exciting, and full of so much change and excitement. I’ve spent quite a bit of time over the past week reflecting on just how much life can change in only a year’s span – this time last year we were gearing up for the move from Chicago to San Francisco (a word of advice: NEVER plan a move right after the holidays!), I had just left my job and was busy interviewing and trying to figure out what was next for me, and to be honest, I was very stressed out and scared about it all.

Just one year later I feel the calmest, happiest and most fulfilled that I ever have and I’ve gotta say, it’s all thanks to a wonderful year. A look back at some of my favorite moments of 2015:

Highlights // 2015.

Exploring our new city with lots of long dog walks & coffee shop visits
Saturday morning farmer’s market trips to pick up fresh blooms
Taking a road trip down to Big Sur for my 27th birthday
Decorating and furnishing our new apartment to make it feel like home
A trip back to New Jersey for my sister’s college graduation & mom’s wedding
Exploring the Muir Woods with Sam during her first visit out to see us
The biggest and brightest peonies I’ve ever seen from the SF Flower Mart
Spending 4th of July weekend in Palm Springs soaking up the sun
Returning to Chicago for a weekend with my best friends
A spontaneous trip to Japan to explore Tokyo & Kyoto
Attending our first Indian wedding in Captiva Island, Florida
Starting a new job that could not be a more perfect fit
Weekends in Napa with wine tastings & vineyard wanderings
Spending the holidays in New Jersey & Chicago with our families

As I’ve done in previous years I’m ditching the long list of new year’s resolutions and currently brainstorming what my intention for 2016 will be. I’ve found it both helpful and inspiring to have a clear marching order for the year to help guide decisions and shape my outlook – 2014 was about adventure, 2015 was about growth, and I already have a good feeling about 2016 being another amazing year. Do you set an intention or goals for the year ahead?