Ask Cait // Q&A V2.

First off, THANK YOU to everyone who submitted questions or left a comment on last month’s Ask Cait post – it’s been really fun to connect with you guys in a new way and this series has quickly become one of my absolute favorites. I’m all about transparency and authenticity and would sit down and grab coffee with every single one of you if I could (seriously, if you’re in SF – sho0t me an email!) so I like to consider this our time to have a little chat.

As a quick reminder, Ask Cait is a monthly series where I’ll answer your questions – so keep ’em comin! You can submit any question that’s on your mind via this Google Form (or shoot me an email or Instagram DM, whatever is easiest for you). So grab a coffee, and let’s do this. A few recent questions:

Ask Cait // Your Questions, Answered Monthly!

How do you like San Francisco compared to Chicago? Anything that surprised you after moving? I am a Chicago girl considering a move and would love to hear your thoughts.

San Francisco and Chicago are SO different but both have really wonderful things about them. First off, SF is significantly smaller and quieter – it doesn’t have the same tall buildings, big city feel that Chicago has (which I do miss a lot). I’ve found San Francisco to be much more laid back than Chicago or NYC, which has been a really great reset for me. The housing market is totally out of control in SF, so brace yourself for insane rent prices but the weather can’t be beat and California is absolutely gorgeous. There is so much to do and see just outside of the city here and it’s a lot easier to get outside and explore with the weather and the city’s small size. I’ve also noticed that there is more of an emphasis on wellness out in SF; people are about working smarter, not harder and leave the office earlier than I’ve experienced in other cities, fitness and being outdoors is huge and the food scene is full of healthy, local options.

Happy to answer any specifics if you decide to make the move!

What are some of your favorite resources for bloggers?

My friends Jess + Blair recently launched an amazing blogging resource called Blogging For Keeps – they run a blog together with a ton of blogging advice and tips, and also manage a Facebook group where bloggers can ask questions and connect with one another. I also have a Pinterest board dedicated to blogging with a bunch of articles and resources I’ve found over the years.

Ask Cait // Your Questions, Answered Monthly!

What is your health and fitness routine?

My health and fitness routine is constantly a work in progress but I started horseback riding again in October and it’s been the best thing ever from both a workout and happiness perspective (a full blog post about it will be coming soon!). I ride 2-3 days a week and try and supplement my time in the saddle with 1 Soulcycle class per week to get some cardio in and sweat it out. I also try to walk as much as possible and hope to eventually get over my running burnout after marathoning and back into a running routine. On the health front, I definitely don’t have the greatest diet but typically eat my biggest meal of the day at lunch and have a light dinner at home in the evening. I have a serious sweet tooth and love for carbs and basically anything unhealthy so I do my best to stick to big salads and healthy foods at home so I can indulge when the mood strikes.

Where do you find inspiration?

I tend to either be bursting at the seams with new ideas or feel completely stuck – it’s all or nothing for me! I get inspired by everyday happenings and conversations, whether it’s a chat amongst girlfriends about our favorite mascaras or my own personal search for the perfect swimsuit; at the end of the day I really want all of the content I create and share here to be valuable and actionable and I often struggle with talking myself out of writing a post because the idea is too small, even if it’s something that’s helpful. I keep a running list of blog posts I’d like to write about and new ideas for Pretty & Fun on my phone for jotting down things as inspiration strikes, and also maintain a Google Doc full of ideas for when I feel like I’m in a drought. Pinterest can also be great for brainstorming new ideas and finding inspiration for shoots and styling but I swear sometimes I come up with the absolute best ideas on airplanes during the magical time before wifi is up and running 😉


Ask Cait // Your Questions, Answered Monthly!

What tips can you offer for bringing a passion project to life?

You can make anything happen that you’re excited about. Carving out the time, energy and resources for a passion project is always worth it. Set clear and actionable goals for yourself. Talk to as many people as possible about what you want to do. Break down the big picture into smaller chunks and focus on only a few things at a time. Know that success won’t happen overnight but don’t give up!

How did you grow the amount of blog readers you have and the amount of followers you have on social media?

While I wish I had a ground-breaking secret to share here, the truth is that I’ve been blogging for quite awhile now (almost 7 years!) and I’ve managed to stick with it over the years. I’m lucky enough to have gotten my start while the blogging industry was still developing and the space was less saturated and while I’m far from the biggest or most successful blogger out there these days, I still regularly pinch myself that Pretty & Fun has developed into what it is today. For anyone looking to grow their own blog or social media presence, have patience, be consistent and put the work in. Network with others, create high quality content, have a unique point of view. Don’t stress your follower count numbers too much and instead look for building an engaged audience and creating content that you’re really proud of and the followers will come with time (and let’s be real, some hustle too).

Thank you again to everyone who sent in a question – if you didn’t see yours answered in today’s post, check back next month and please keep ’em coming!