5 Ways to Make Your Monday Better with AWAKE Chocolate.

5 Ways to Make Your Monday Better.

5 Ways to Make Your Monday Better with AWAKE Chocolate.

Monday’s tend to have a pretty bad reputation. They’re the abrupt end to the weekend, the start of a sometimes loooong five days straight of work grind, and that one day of the week where sometimes everything seems to go wrong. But instead of letting the Sunday scaries set in and the Monday dread get you down, it’s time to start kicking off the week on a positive note! A few ideas for little ways to make your Monday better:

1. Decide to have a good day: Find yourself waking up and instantly thinking UGH MONDAY? Ditch those negative thoughts – you’re not even giving the day a chance! A little positive thinking can go a long way and if you shift your thinking to give the day a fair shot, you’re more likely to have a good day!

2. Set yourself up for success: Take 15 minutes before bed on Sunday to set yourself up for success for the day ahead – from tidying up your apartment or planning your outfit for the day, to making a list of tasks to tackle in the morning. A little prep-work and planning can go a long way to help the day go smoothly, especially when you’re facing a manic Monday.

5 Ways to Make Your Monday Better with AWAKE Chocolate.

3. Keep your ambitions realistic: Thinking you can accomplish everything in the world on Monday with a to do list a mile long? Yeah, right! Regardless of how much relaxing was done over the weekend you still only have so many hours in the day, so keep those ambitions (and your schedule!) realistic to avoid stress or the panic of not being able to get everything done.

4. Plan a mid-day pick me up: The afternoon slump can be REAL and taking a little break or treating yourself can be just the boost you need to carry you through the rest of a busy day. Lately I’ve been reaching for AWAKE, an amazing caffeinated chocolate, to both satisfy my sweet tooth and help keep my energy up. AWAKE Chocolate has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee AND they taste amazing (the caramel is my favorite) – perfect for stashing at your desk!

5 Ways to Make Your Monday Better with AWAKE Chocolate.5 Ways to Make Your Monday Better with AWAKE Chocolate.

5. Schedule something to look forward to: Whether it’s a morning coffee date with friends or an after-work workout, scheduling a little something to look forward to on a Monday can really do the trick. Don’t be afraid to intentionally add some fun to your to do list or block time on your calendar to treat yourself.

What are some of your little tricks to starting Monday off right?

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Photos by Andrea Posadas